Friday, January 21, 2011

Hope and Despair

Hope & Despair - A Visual Narrative of Zimbabwe's Last Decade

Hope and Despair, a new exhibition at the National Gallery in Harare, features work from nine emerging artists and gives unique visual commentaries to and interpretations of Zimbabwean contemporary life, challenging you to rethink “the obvious.”

The nine artists are Calvin Chimutuwa, Muthabisi Pili, Tafadzwa Gwetai, Portia Zvavahera, Mercy Moyo, Richard Mudariki, Warren Mapondera, Zacharia Mukwira and Virginia Chihota.
The exhibition challenges the viewer to make new connections in the things and events that we know so well. In the past ten years the country has gone through “hope” and “despair” but the resilience by both artists and the Zimbabwean community can not go without comment. The exhibition presents a range of techniques, style and narrative that captures some of the challenges and joys we have gone through as a country.
Raphael Chikukwa, curator of The National Gallery of Zimbabwe said that the gallery was pleased to present this show and to give a platform to these emerging voices to shine.
“It is in our interest to show these amazing talents who are leaders in their fields dedicated to creative life despite the isolation. In short I can say great art and artists need endless attention and support. The selection of these artists was not limited to Harare alone but to Zimbabwe as a whole. My choice as a Curator also looked at the type of works between figurative and abstract, a choice that highlights bridging the gap between many art forms. Emerging artists like Virginia Chihota, Richard Mudariki, Tafadzwa Gwetai and Muthabisi Pili shows the direction of what Zimbabwean art would be in a few years to come. The show takes the audience into a journey through some of these works,” he said.
“It would be chick to think that this exhibition can represent all emerging Zimbabwean artists, but these are some of the emerging voices.”
Hope and Despair opens on January 27.

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