Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Institutionalized Brutality - Mido Macia

Over the past few months there have been growing reports of police brutality in South Africa and the lack of trust to those you are supposed to protect communities.Recently a taxi driver was dragged by a police van and later on dies in custody from his injuries.
Grilled, acrylic on canvas, 2012. Artwork inspired by institutionalized brutality and murder by police, governments and leaders

According to the Mail and Guardian, there are plenty of theories on why police beat up citizens (and foreigners) with impunity: a brutalized society that never fully healed after apartheid; the high level of threat faced by police officers and their sense of being under siege; little proactive investigation of police excesses; remilitarisation of the police force that failed to instil discipline but did come with "shoot to kill" overtones; and orders to be tough on crime and criminals - orders that come right from the top.

However, regardless of cause or combination of causes, blame must ultimately be laid at the door of either Mthethwa (SA Police Minister) or the president, who has failed to replace him after both have been in their jobs for more than four years. That he will remain in his job speaks both to the fact that the government does not share the public's outrage.
RIP Mido Macia

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