Monday, August 12, 2013

Greg Shaw- 'When two colours meet, they form a line'. A tribute to a great mentor: (Memoirs Part II)

In a corner, l sat with my short pencils l had bought with for my first art lesson, in the amphitheater that was behind Gallery Delta, in Harare. Around me were boys in khaki shorts and shirts, drawing on very large pieces of paper. And in the middle of the amphitheater sat a model to whom they were drawing.

That afternoon, before l sat in that corner, l stood next to Greg Shaw, my then new art mentor, who introduced to the students of his afternoon art class and mentioned l was to join them. l enjoyed that day, l drew the model to the best that l could, and at the end of the lesson, all the students would lay their work out for Greg to give us a critic. l didn't do bad, he said. Was proud! This was the structure of all the classes he gave in that year, a critic session at the end.

Greg Shaw with his work in progress 'Hondo: (Source - Courtesy of the artist's blog)
Greg was assisting these students to prepare them for the art exams at the end of the year. The emphasis was more on drawing and observation - still life, figure drawing -  then later on he introduced colour composition. Hands, roots, ants and dead preserved animals (frogs/birds) were and other objects were part of the subjects the students drew or painted. Greg was a great teacher and mentor, he had good attention to detail, a great draughtsman and excellent drawing skills. I was blessed to be part of these classes and learnt valuable skills.
Greg Shaw, Seated Nude, 2000, oil on canvas. (Source: Courtsy of the artist's blog)

For most part of  2000, every Friday afternoon after school, l would rush home, get out of my school uniform and off into the city for my art lessons. l was very grateful to my parents who supported me with transport money to go into the city for these lessons. That was my first year of my art education.

Greg Shaw (b.1972) is a contemporary established Zimbabwean artist painter. View more of his work on this blog link

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